Best answer: How did Frank open the safe in the tourist?

Frank opens the safe by entering the correct code, revealing that he was Alexander Pearce all along. When the police come back and open the safe with explosives, they find a check for £744 million. Acheson wants to keep pursuing Pearce, but, since the taxes are now paid, Jones closes the case.

What happens at the end of the tourist?

In the end, Frank’s a liar, Elise is corrupt, they get rich off stolen cash, the cops decide to drop the case, and they all lived happily ever after.

What is the plot of the tourist?

‘Bourne Identity’ director Doug Liman adapting spy film ‘The Tourist’ Doug Liman will adapt The Tourist. The Bourne Identity helmer has signed on to produce and direct the film based on Olen Steinhauer’s espionage novel, reports Deadline.

Was the tourist a success?

The Tourist, directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, captured the imagination of international moviegoers across the globe, where it earned more than three times its domestic gross of $67.6 million. With its run coming to an end, The Tourist’s worldwide total now stands at an impressive $278.3 million.

Was Frank actually Alexander Pierce?

Elise tells Frank that she loves him, but she also loves Pearce. Frank opens the safe by entering the correct code, revealing that he was Alexander Pearce all along.

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Was Frank really Alexander?

He’s actually Alexander Pearce, a man wanted by the police for an overdue payment of hundreds of millions of pounds in taxes. He also used to go out with Angelina Jolie.

How tall is Johnny Depp?

Take it, it’s your turn,'” Jolie raved, noting that she is the “opposite” of the kind of parent who is territorial over their personal belongings. Jolie, 46, is the mom of Maddox, 20, Pax, 17, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 13, whom she shares with her ex, Brad Pitt.

Was the tourist filmed in Venice?

Many movies were filmed in Venice, one of these is The Tourist with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp.

What kind of boat was used in the movie The Tourist?


ABOVE: The yacht Vajoliroja on Venice’s Zattere. Hollywood heartthrob and Ho Chi Minh lookalike Johnny Depp is in Venice to shoot The Tourist with Angelina Jolie. Today, his yacht–the Vajoliroja–followed in the actor’s wake.

Is the tourist a remake?

Remake. The film was remade under the title The Tourist, which was directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck and starred Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Paul Bettany, and Timothy Dalton. Filming of the remake began on February 23, 2010, in Paris, and it was released on December 10, 2010.