Your question: Why Tokyo is attractive?

What is so beautiful about Tokyo?

Tourists love Tokyo because they can enjoy both city life and natural landscapes. Visitors also love the delicious cuisine. Must-dos include shopping in Akihabara, visiting a cherry-blossom festival, seeing where the emperor lives at the Imperial Palace, and taking in the city’s skyline from a colorful Ferris wheel.

What makes Tokyo so popular?

Tokyo, the world’s largest metropolis, is known for top-rated restaurants, the Shibuya Crossing, Imperial Palace, cherry blossoms, markets, and more. The shopping scene includes the Harajuku and Akihabara districts. Tokyo is also famous for its vending machines, cat cafes, museums, and sacred sites.

Why is Tokyo your favorite city?

Tokyo is so unique–modern, high-tech, chaotic yet traditional and peaceful at the same time. Tokyo’s public transport is the best in the world as well. What Tokyo offers and other huge cities don’t are cleanliness, safety and people who respect each other and keep everything orderly and efficient.

Why Japan is so beautiful?

Ask anyone who has visited, and they’ll tell you: Japan is easily one of the most stunning places in the world. The country offers a full range of nature and culture, from subtropical beaches to snowy mountains, futuristic skylines to ancient temples.

Is Tokyo a dirty city?

Not at all. Tokyo is a very clean city compare to other cities. Government and people are more organized and take more initiative to keep the places more clean. People will use to dump their food or any wastage properly in the garbage container.

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Why is Tokyo so advanced?

The source of Japan’s technological advancement is undoubtedly from the youth of Japan. Statistics show that among 34 OECD countries Japanese students performance levels rank second in mathematics and first in science. Japan spends around 3.59% of GDP in public spending on education.

Why is Tokyo unique?

Tokyo is famous for Anime, electronics, manga, and video games. Akihabara is the epicenter if it all. It becomes a jungle of electric lights and colors at night, providing a sensory overload for visitors. Getting lost, window shopping, and photography are top activities here.

Why is Tokyo important to Japan?

Tokyo is the chief transportation hub for Japan, as well as an important international traffic centre. It is served by a dense network of electric railways, subways, bus lines, and highways.

How would you describe Tokyo?

Tokyo (東京, Tōkyō) is Japan’s capital and the world’s most populous metropolis. … Today, Tokyo offers a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining to its visitors. The city’s history can be appreciated in districts such as Asakusa and in many excellent museums, historic temples and gardens.