Your question: What is the role of the local government unit in the development of a responsible tourism?

It is the responsibility of both national local governments to prepare and implement tourism development plans, enforcement of standards and collection of data for tourism purposes. It is imperative to national governments to assist the LGUs in planning and law enforcement.

What is the role of government in tourism development?

In tourism development, the effective role of local government is necessary to promote the social, economic, environmental and cultural well–being to the local communities. … All of these aspects play a crucial role in manifestation the actions of all stakeholders concerning sustainable tourism development.

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What is the important role of government for the implementation of sustainable tourism?

Governments should provide an environment that enables and encourages the private sector, local community, tourists and other stakeholders to respond to sustainability issues.

What role does government play in sustainable tourism development and management?

The role of local government is that of driving sustainable development agenda within the destination. Governments should provide an environment that enables and encourages the private sector, local community, tourists and other stakeholders to respond to sustainability issues.

Why should the local bodies have a say in tourism development What role can the local bodies play in tourism marketing?

When we bear in mind the strategic role of marketing, the importance of local bodies is vital to their success in executing tourism ventures, sustaining destinations and facilities, etc. Tourist Experiences: Local communities help visitors provide quality services that increase tourist satisfaction rates.

What is the role of government in tourism development in South Africa?

The mandate of the Department of Tourism is to promote the growth and development of the tourism sector; promote quality tourism products and services; provide for the effective domestic and international marketing of South Africa as a tourist destination; enhance cooperation and coordination between all spheres of …

What does local tourism mean?

Local tourism is actually a trip to the sights and attractions of the area where the tourist lives. According to the concept of domestic tourism, there is another concept called local tourism, which has a similar meaning to domestic tourism but on a smaller scale.

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What are the role of local government unit LGU to the ecotourism area along with the community?

LGUs play a major role in a community’s development, provide the links between the people and government, address its community’s problems and concerns, enforce policies and hold influence over its communities.

What is the role of local bodies and NGOs in promotion of tourism?

The role of NGOs in tourism sector is very important because they facilitate development. These NGOs create awareness among the people regarding resources and tourism assets in relation to tourism development. They also show the right track in which the development should take place.

Does higher governance impact on the ability of local government to plan sustainably for tourism?

Yes .. definitely, higher level governance impact. Tourism increases as development increases. The development is in the hands of the Local Government.

What is the role of tourism organizations?

The core activities of NTOs are coordination, legislation, promotion, research and providing tourist information. To meet the changing situation of a destination, an NTO should adopt alternative roles, ie, developmental, marketing, management and innovative, consistent with a destination’s growth pattern.

What is the role of the public sector in the success of tourism industry?

Public sector travel and tourism organizations play an important role in helping to promote destinations and provide a range of services to encourage tourism development, such as grants to start new businesses and advice on marketing , finance ,IT,etc. …

What are the roles of various global tourism organizations?

UNWTO generates market knowledge, promotes competitive and sustainable tourism policies and instruments, fosters tourism education and training, and works to make tourism an effective tool for development through technical assistance projects in over 100 countries around the world.

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What are the benefits to local bodies from tourism development?

destination life cycle, destination maintenance and so on. Infrastructural support like electricity, water , roads, street lighting, public parks, sewage, sanitation etc. is provided by the local body. This has a direct relationship with destination development and promotion.

Why does the government play an important role in tourism Mcq?

In conclusion, the government plays an important role in the tourism industry. Government agencies have to provide legislations, regulations and controls for tourism in order to ensure its tourism industry can sustain its level and compete with other tourist destination.

How can the local community assist in the better management of tourism?

Development and implementation of activities to encourage and motivate the community to be a good host in supporting tourism activities in the region. Establishment of cooperation among members of community groups for interests related to the development of group business.