Why does a comb rubbed on hair attracts pieces of paper?

The paper is attracted to the comb. This happens because the charged comb induces an opposite charge in the paper and as opposite charges attract, the paper sticks to the comb. … The charges move from one insulator to another on vigorous contact (i.e. by rubbing) to produce the two oppositely charged objects.

Why does a comb rubbed on dry hair attract pieces of paper?

Initially, the comb is electrically neutral. So it has no effect on the tiny pieces of paper. When the comb is rubbed on a dry cloth, it gets electrically charged. This charged comb exerts an electric force on the tiny pieces of paper and attracts them.

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When a plastic comb is rubbed in dry hair it attracts tiny pieces of paper which force is involved in this process?

Electrostatic force is involved in this process.

Why does a plastic comb rubbed with dry hair attract tiny pieces of paper?

When we comb our dry hair the hair attracts to comb the force involved in this is?

When the comb runs through dry hair, it gets charged by friction. The molecules in the paper get polarized by the charged comb, resulting in a net force of attraction.

Why does a plastic comb rubbed with dry hair attracts tiny pieces of paper class 8?

When a plastic comb is dry hair, it becomes negatively charged. The negatively charged comb induces a positive charge on the pieces of paper which are neutral in nature. As we know that the unlike charges attract each other, plastic comb attracts tiny pieces of paper.

Why do the hair and the comb attract?

When a comb is run through your hair charges pass between your hair and the comb, so the comb becomes charged either positively or negatively, and the hair oppositely charged. When the comb is brought close to paper an opposite charge is induced in the paper, and the opposite charges attract.

What happens when comb is rubbed with hair?

Complete Answer:

When it is repeated, rubbing the hair with a comb easily gives off the loosely bound electrons on the surface of the hair. These electrons are acquired by the comb as it brushes the hair.

What happens when a dry metal comb is rubbed through dry hair?

Answer: Explanation: Nothing will happen because metal comb will not charge while rubbing with dry hair as compared to plastic comb.

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Does the attraction between the rubbed comb and the pieces of papers last long Why?

Does the attraction between the comb and the piece of papers last for longer period of time? No, because the comb loses its net charge after some time. The exess charge of the comb transfers to earth through our body after some time.

What happens when a plastic comb rubbed several times in dry hair is brought near a heap of pieces of paper?

Answer: Within the papers strips, the electrons get either repelled or attracted according to whether the comb has a negative or a positive charge. This makes the paper strips have an unlike charge in the direction of the comb, and makes them rise towards it.

What happens if a plastic comb is rubbed with dry hair?

When a plastic comb is rubbed against dry hair vigorously, then there is a transfer of charge taking place between the two. As a result, both objects become charged. While one becomes positively charged, the other becomes negatively charged. … A comb moving through dry hair gets electrically charged.

Why does plastic comb gets electrified on combing dry hair?

Plastic comb is poor conductor of electricity so they contain static charges. While rubbing, due to friction,these static charges gain energy and get electrified. Whereas metal do not contain static charges as they are good conductors of electricity.