What is an optional tour?

An optional tour, which can also be called an optional activity or optional excursion, is an extra special experience not included in the base price of your vacation. They are enhancements, experiences, dining or events that can be booked a la carte at your discretion.

What does optional tour means?

Optional tour is additional tour which are not in the itinerary. It may be carried out based on the following reasons : Guests have extra time, meaning the daily activities in existing itinerary have been completed either earlier than scheduled or it has been arranged as such. The guests have requested for extra tours.

What is optional commentary in tour guiding?

Optional commentaries highlight the guide’s engaging and entertaining traits. Introduction, Body, Reaction, Reminders, Closing. Greet the tour participants, introduce yourself (and the driver), and get to know tge members of the group. Provide an overview of the tour schedule and what to expect during the tour.

Which is the most visited country in the world?

Welcoming more than 89 million visitors per year, France is the most visited country in the world.

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What is an example of commentary?

Examples of commentary in a Sentence

The book is a commentary on her experiences abroad. I like listening to his social commentaries. He provided commentary during the game.

What is the purpose of itinerary or tour program?

Travel itineraries ensure that you can manage your time. A travel itinerary must include your travel time to certain numerous attractions with a leeway for unforeseen circumstances like weather conditions and traffic. This might affect your plans but with a travel itinerary on hand, you can be more flexible.

What do you say in tour guiding?

Here you find some examples of welcoming.

  • Welcome.
  • I’m Helina, your guide for this tour. I’ll tell you all about the things you will see. …
  • Hello everyone.
  • My name is Tiiu. …
  • Dear guests,
  • Let me introduce myself. …
  • Hi, everybody.
  • I’m your tour guide Natalja.

What are the different types of commentary?

Types of Commentaries

  • Technical or Critical or Exegetical: Includes very detailed, technical discussion of text. Requires some understanding of the original languages. …
  • Expositional or Essential or Semi-Technical: Includes less technical, but still extensive discussion. …
  • Homiletical: Intended to aid in sermon preparation.

What are the basic information of a commentary?

Such a commentary usually takes the form of footnotes, endnotes, or separate text cross-referenced by line, paragraph or page. Means of providing commentary on the language of the text include notes on textual criticism, syntax and semantics, and the analysis of rhetoric, literary tropes, and style.

What is the least visited country?

The tiny nation of Nauru is the smallest island country in the world. In 2017, just 130 visitors ventured to explore this island, making it the least-visited country in the world.

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What is the most loved country?

Countries With The Highest International Reputations

Rank Country Reputation Score
1 Canada 78.1
2 Norway 77.1
3 Sweden 76.6
4 Switzerland 76.4

What is the most forgotten country?

The Most Forgotten Countries • Percentage of Sporcle Users Who Correctly Answered

  • Burkina Faso • 46.4% Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in West Africa. …
  • Timor-Leste • 45.6% …
  • Antigua and Barbuda • 45.2% …
  • Vanuatu • 43.9% …
  • Palau • 43.5% …
  • Comoros • 43.5% …
  • Tuvalu • 42.8% …
  • São Tomé and Príncipe • 41%