How much revenue does tourism generate in Bhutan?

Tourism Revenues in Bhutan averaged 4.83 USD Million from 2009 until 2021, reaching an all time high of 17.30 USD Million in November of 2018 and a record low of 0 USD Million in April of 2020.

How does tourism help the economy of Bhutan?

tourists or Bhutanese, supplying a. secondary income source. The Bhutanese Tourism Industry was first opened in 1974. Since then it has grown to become, a major contributing factor to the Bhutanese economy creating countless. employment opportunities and generating additional revenue for the government.

What is Bhutan’s main source of income?

The economy of Bhutan, one of the world’s smallest and least developed countries, is based on agriculture and forestry, which provide the main livelihood for more than 60% of the population. Agriculture consists largely of subsistence farming and animal husbandry.

How important is tourism to Bhutan?

Bhutan’s tourism sector is regarded as one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world. Bhutan enjoys a reputation for authenticity, remoteness and a well-protected cultural heritage and natural environment. Today tourism is a vibrant business with a high potential for growth and further development.

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How many tourists visit Bhutan annually?


2018 saw a total of 274,097 visitor arrivals to Bhutan with a growth rate of 7.61% over 2017. Of the total arrivals, there were 71,807 international arrivals and 202,290 regional arrivals.

Is tourism in Bhutan sustainable?

Tourism market in Bhutan is considered as a sustainable in nature guided by the principles of Gross National Happiness. The country has been consistently nurturing the tourism sector as an important source of government revenue through well laid out plans and clearly defined policy objectives.

Does tourism help the economy?

Tourism boosts the revenue of the economy, creates thousands of jobs, develops the infrastructures of a country, and plants a sense of cultural exchange between foreigners and citizens.

Does Bhutan have GDP?

It has recorded an average growth in annual GDP of 7.5% since the early 1980s and poverty levels have declined from 36% in 2007 to 10% in 2019. Bhutan has also made considerable improvements on environmental, social and governance indicators in the past two decades.

Is Bhutan an LDC?

Least Developed Country Category: Bhutan Profile | Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

What is the average income in Bhutan?

The average income per person per day in Bhutan is Ngultrum (Nu) 40, which is less than a dollar a day, and the average income in rural areas is even lower at Nu 33 per day (77 cents). The poverty line is about Nu 748.10 per person per month, which translates to $17.40 USD per month and $208.75 USD per year .

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How did tourism start in Bhutan?

Tourism in Bhutan began in 1974, when the Government of Bhutan, in an effort to raise revenue and to promote Bhutanese unique culture and traditions to the outside world, opened its isolated country to foreigners. In 1974 a total of 287 tourists visited the Kingdom of Bhutan.

How is the income from tourism used to assist rural development in Bhutan?

Promoting the local culture to tourists, holding cultural events and focusing on community-based tourism is helping communities preserve and develop Bhutan’s culture, particularly among Bhutanese youth, enabling them to earn an income at the same time.

Is Bhutan overpopulated?

Bhutan has not carried out an official census since 2005, although it’s population is estimated to have growth rather significantly. It is currently projected that Bhutan will exceed 800,000 people by 2020 and hit nearly 900,000 by 2030.


Name Population
Jakar 4,829

Is it expensive to visit Bhutan?

In an effort to protect Bhutan’s environment and culture, the government has placed a minimum fee of $200 per person per day for visitors to Bhutan – this makes visiting Bhutan one of the most expensive trips in the world. … Indians are the only nationality who can currently visit Bhutan without having to pay the fees.

Who is the founder of tourism in Bhutan?

In October 1973, India’s Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Mr Karan Singh, came to Bhutan. During his visit, he discussed development of the tourism sector. Subsequently, in 1974 as preparation for the coronation, the government requested assistance from several countries to develop the tourism sector.

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