How do I read my name on my green card?

How do I read my name on a permanent resident card?

Last name, first name, middle name, first initial of father, first initial of mother (this line is spaced with “<<” between the last name and first name). Depending on the length of the name, the father’s and mother’s initials may be omitted.

How do you read a residency card?

Reading a Permanent Resident Card

  1. First line: Spaces 1–2 shows C1 or C2. …
  2. Second line: Spaces 1-6 show the cardholder’s birth date formatted as YY/MM/DD. …
  3. The third line lists the cardholder’s last name, first name, middle name, first initial of the father, first initial of the mother.

What are the numbers on the back of a permanent resident card?

The green card number — also known as the receipt number or the permanent resident number — is located on the bottom of the back of the card, in the first line of a long string of 90 characters. The less than symbols are there simply as space holders.

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Does green card Show middle name?

The middle name has been abbreviated on the green card and only the middle initial is shown. For example, on the front side of the green card, the Given Name shows as “John D”; the backside of the green card shows the full middle name.

How can I verify my permanent resident card?

To verify the validity of a permanent resident card, ensure that all of the following standard information about the bearer is present:

  1. name.
  2. photo.
  3. fingerprint.
  4. card number, also known as document number.
  5. alien number.
  6. USCIS number.
  7. birth date.
  8. card expiration date.

Can I look up my permanent resident card number?

On the back of every Green Card, there is a long string of numbers at the bottom. The permanent resident card number can be found at the end of the first line. It starts with 3 letters and is followed by “<<” at the end, which simply indicates a space holder.

What does a green card number look like?

Your green card number, also known as the receipt number, is a 13-digit number that is printed on a permanent resident card. It’s also called a case number because it refers to your specific immigration case. … The green card number generally begins with three letters followed by a series of 10 numbers.

How do I read my green card date?

You can easily find the Date of Admission on the front side of your green card. The date is near the bottom next to “Resident Since.” For example, “08/21/07” would be the Date of Admission for the green card holder shown in the image below.

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What is the category on green card?

Perhaps the most mysterious information on the front of a green card is the category. Category describes the immigrant visa category that was used to admit an immigrant to the U.S. as a permanent resident or conditional permanent resident. The field is also known as “class of admission” in other USCIS documents.

What is I 551 number on green card?

Form I-551 is the form number for a green card. It is proof of a foreign national’s immigration status to live and work permanently in the United States. If you look closely, you’ll see that “I-551” is printed in the upper left corner of the backside of the current green card.

What is I 551 or I 766 number?

An i551 number can also be referred to as a case number, receipt number, Green Card number, permanent resident card number, or permanent resident document number. It is a 13 character long combination of letters and numbers; with three letters at the beginning followed by 10 numbers.

What is ADM adj date on green card?

o Look at the bottom line. The first entry on the left is labeled “ADM/ADJ DATE’. This is the date you became a permanent resident. There was a proposal back in August of 2007 to require that these cards be replaced but the proposal has not been finalized.

How do I notify USCIS of name change?

If you’ve recently changed your name, you can submit your legal name change document (marriage certificate, divorce decree, etc.) with your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization. USCIS will use your new name on your Certificate of Naturalization.

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What is verify your identity on USCIS?

Verifying your identity protects your personal information and ensures we communicate with the right person when we send you secure documents. You do not need to create a USCIS online account to pay the USCIS Immigrant Fee.

How do I find my full legal name?

In general, a US born person’s legal name is the name shown on his or her U.S. birth certificate (includes hyphens and apostrophes) unless the person’s name has changed based on certain events, such as a marriage or a valid court order for a name change.