How do I get a travel agency IATA number?

How much does it cost to get an IATA number?

Pay the required accreditation fee, which is $165 if you are self-employed or work for a private agency. The fee is $360 if you work for a corporate travel department. Pay the accreditation fee in U.S. dollars. Receive your full accreditation as a licensed IATA travel agent.

Do travel agents need an IATA number?

IATA is considered to be one of the most basic resources for a travel agent because most airline bookings are done through the IATA portal. In order to book from IATA, the travel agent must get registered with IATA as an IATA travel agent. … All travel agents who do so are known as non-IATA/independent travel agents.

How long does it take to get an IATA number?

Send signed and notarized application, completed forms and documents to IATAN. The ‘average’ processing time for Accreditation is 30 days. IATA/IATAN ID Card and AgentExperience. Note: once the query case is created, you will receive an email confirmation with the case number.

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How long does it take to get IATA card?

Standard delivery: 3 to 6 weeks upon the payment is received for both US and non-US ID Card.

What is the difference between IATA and non IATA travel agencies?

IATA is considered to be one of the most basic resources for a travel agent because most airline bookings are done through the IATA portal. Non–IATA as the name suggests, non-IATA/independent travel agents are agents who are not accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

How do I become a registered travel agent?

Most states do not require travel agents to hold a license or certificate, but some require travel agents to register with the state. This process usually involves filling out a form, paying a fee, and receiving a registration number that agents must display at their place of business.

How do you become an independent travel agent?

How to Start a Successful Independent Travel Agency

  1. Connect with a Host Agency. One of the best tips is to connect with a host agency to begin a career as an independent travel agent. …
  2. Make Sure You Get the Necessary Training. …
  3. Develop a Niche Market. …
  4. Become the Expert. …
  5. Give Your Customers the Service You Want for Yourself.

How do I contact IATA?

Contact IATA

  1. IATA International Air Transport Association – Head Office.
  2. 800 Place Victoria, PO Box 113.
  3. H4Z 1M1 MONTREAL (QUEBEX), Canada.
  4. +1 514 874 0202.

What does IATA do for travel agents?

IATA accredits travel and cargo agents to sell tickets on behalf of our member airlines.

What is the benefit of IATA membership?

IATA membership benefits for airlines

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International recognition and lobbying. Targeting key industry priorities. Driving industry change. Reducing costs.