Can I get my own exit visa in Saudi Arabia?

After the new Saudi labor law reforms, employees can request their own final exit visa through Absher if they meet the following conditions; There must be no car/vehicle under his name. The final exit visa of all dependents is issued (explained below). All dependents on family visit visas have left Saudi Arabia.

How can I get exit visa in Saudi Arabia?

Steps to complete the service

  1. Select ‘Individuals’ and login to Absher.
  2. Select ‘E-services’ then click on ‘Workers Services’.
  3. Select ‘Issuing of Final Exit Visa for Non Iqama’.
  4. Fill in the required information.
  5. Select the individual for whom you would like to issue the final exit visa.
  6. Click ‘Issue Final Exit Visa’.

Can I leave Saudi without exit visa?

Saudi Arabia – Visas & Permits

Once inside the country, an expatriate needs a so-called ‘Exit / Re-entry visa’ to go out and return to the kingdom. In other words, even if you have your passport and a ticket in your hands, you would not be able to get out of the country without an exit / re-entry visa.

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How can I get final exit paper in Saudi Arabia?

In order to check the final exit visa status without an Absher account; Open the MOL website Enter your Iqama number if Iqama has been issued. Otherwise, enter your border number or passport number.

How much is Saudi exit visa?

Charges of services provided by passports departments

Service Fees
Issue single exit-re-entry visa 200 S.R.
Transit visa through Saudi territories 300 S.R.
One-time entry visa 2000 S.R.
Multiple entry visa 3000 S.R.

How long does it take to get an exit visa in Saudi?

The employer will have a period of 10 days to approve or reject the request. If the employer approves the visa, the employee will have 5 days to issue the final exit visa. If the employer rejects the visa, the MOL will review the objection and make the decision on it within 10 days from the initial request.

How can I get exit visa online?

Steps to complete the service

Login to Absher. Select visa services from the list of e-services. Select the individual for whom you would like to issue the an exit and re-entry visa. Fill in the required information.

Can I go exit without Iqama?

Final Exit without Iqama

There is no need to get an Iqama during that time. According to a tweet made by Jawazat, now the employer is allowed to issue a final exit visa without an Iqama through the Absher platform within 90 days of arrival to Saudi Arabia.

Can I cancel my exit visa in Saudi Arabia?

In order to do cancel the exit visa after its expiry i.e. 60 days, you will have to visit the Jawazat department along with the following documents; Jawazat Appointment with the option “Resident Services”. A Filled form to cancel the visa.

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Can exit re entry visa be extended?

Saudi Arabia extends residence, exit, re-entry, visit visas for free until year end. Saudi authorities confirmed it has started to automatically extend the validity of residence permits (Iqama) and exit and re-entry visas without fees or charges until December 31, according to an announcement.

How can I get Absher exit visa?

Issue Exit Re-Entry Visas through Absher

  1. Access your Absher account by logging in.
  2. Select “Services” from the “My Services” menu.
  3. Choose “Passports“
  4. Select “Visa Requests“
  5. Now, click “Create Visa Request.”
  6. Select the Request Type “Exit Re-Entry Visa (Single)“

What is the penalty for expired exit visa?

According to the Saudi Jawazat, if a Saudi expat has not renewed his Muqeem ID, he will be fined after a 3-day grace period. For the first time, he will be punished with a fine of SR 500/-. For the second time, he will be fined SR 1,000/-. In the third time, he will be deported from the kingdom.

How do I know if I have an exit visa?

You can check your final exit visa status on the MOL website (Ministry of Labor) by entering your Iqama number, passport number, or border number.

How can I extend my exit reentry visa in KSA?

Extension of Exit Reentry inside Saudi Arabia

There is no way to extend a Saudi Exit re-entry visa for family members who are inside Saudi Arabia. You can always cancel the exit re-entry visa and issue a new visa. If you don’t cancel the exit re-entry visa and it expires without being used, there is a SR 1,000.

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