Best answer: What is the prefix and suffix of Attract?

What is the suffix of Attract?

Become a member to unlock this answer! For the word attractive, the suffix -ive means relating to or causing. Adding ‘-ive’ to the word attract makes it an adjective that means causing to…

What is the prefix of Attract?

Attract already has a prefix added to it which is ‘AT’.

What is the prefix and suffix of sense?

-sens- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “sense; feel. ” This meaning is found in such words as: consensus, dissension, extrasensory, insensible, insensitive, nonsense, sensation, sensational, sense, senseless, sensitive, sensor, sensory, sensual, sensuous.

What is the prefix and suffix of bright?

Explanation: Bright is an adjective, by adding the suffix -ness, you get the noun brightness.

What is the prefix of patient?

Patient comes from the Latin word patientem, meaning “to endure,” but add the prefix im- and you get impatient — the inability to endure delays, mix-ups, people walking slowly, red lights. . .

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What is the suffix for pertaining to?

4 Suffix

-amnios amnion, amniotic fluid oligohydramnios
-apheresis removal plasmapheresis
-ar pertaining to appendicular
-ary pertaining to coronary

What is the suffix of dirt?

Common Adjective Suffixes I (Noun → Adjective)

-LY like friend – friendly day – daily month – monthly coward – cowardly
-OUS quality, nature poison – poisonous courtesy – courteous nerve – nervous victory – victorious
-Y like rain – rainy mess – messy dirt – dirty spot – spotty

What is the suffix of child?


word suffix new word
child -ish childish
work -er worker
taste -less tasteless
idol -ize/-ise idolize/idolise

What is the best antonym for Attract?

antonyms for attract

  • bore.
  • disenchant.
  • disgust.
  • disinterest.
  • refuse.
  • reject.
  • repel.
  • repulse.

What is the prefix of lead?

The prefix of the word ”lead” is ”mislead”.

How do you find the prefix and suffix?

A prefix is a word part added to the beginning of a word that changes the word’s meaning. A suffix is a word part added to the end of a word that changes the word’s meaning.

What is suffix and prefix in chemistry?

A prefix to the name comes before the molecule. The prefix of the molecule’s name is based on the number of carbon atoms. … The suffix to the name is an ending that is applied that describes the types of chemical bonds in the molecule.

What is the suffix of school?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for SUFFIX WITH SCHOOL [marm]

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What is suffix example?

A suffix is a letter or group of letters, for example ‘-ly’ or ‘- ness’, which is added to the end of a word in order to form a different word, often of a different word class. For example, the suffix ‘-ly’ is added to ‘ quick’ to form ‘quickly’. Compare affix and , prefix.

What is the suffix of Clear?

the answer is:- the suffix of clear is : clearly.